Anti-Ragging Committee


        The Institution has taken up measures to curb Ragging in the premises.At the commencement of the academic session a meeting is held along with Anti-ragging Committee members on the measures to be taken to prevent ragging in the institution. Big posters on laws, punishment is displayed on all Notice Board of all department, hostels and other buildings as well as at vulnerable places. The Anti-ragging Squad members carry out rounds at odd hours to monitor any incidents of ragging and punish those found guilty without fear or favour. The student give an annual undertaking on plain paper in the prescribed format from INC.

                         Anti-ragging Committee Members are:
                        Prof.Christeena Saju Varkey
                         Prof.Mariette B.D’Souza
                        Prof.Deepa Danieal
                           Mr.Subrahmanya Nayak
                        Mr.Appu Shetty
                           Ms.Rimmy Raju M

                                    Anti-Ragging Squad Members:

                                    Squad No. 1

                                    Staff Members                                                                                                                     Student Representatives

                                    Mr.Roshan B                                                                                                                          Ms.Alisha Joshi

                                    Ms.Savitha B                                                                                                                          Ms.Pavithra

                                    Ms.Roopashree K.S                                                                                                                 Ms.Tseten Dolka

                                    Dr.Sushmitha Amin                                                                                                                 Ms.Akshitha Sonia Lobo

                                    Ms.Pallavi B

                                    Squad No. 2

                                    Staff Members                                                                                                                     Student Representatives

                                    Prof.Deepa Danieal                                                                                                                  Ms.Nischitha

                                    Ms.Hemalatha G                                                                                                                      Ms.Simi Joseph

                                    Ms.Reshma Mary Varghese                                                                                                      Ms.Reena D’Souza

                                    Ms.Rajani A                                                                                                                             Ms.Indira Bhusal

                                    Squad No. 3

                                    Staff Members                                                                                                                     Student Representatives

                                    Mr. Subrahmanya Nayak                                                                                                         Ms.Archana

                                    Ms.Johncy Rodrigues                                                                                                             Ms.Jwala C.

                                    Laishram Linthoingambi Chanu                                                                                                 Ms. Lavita D’Souza

                                    Ms.Sreelakshmi                                                                                                                      Ms.Asmita Shrestha

                                    Ms.Jayalatha K.

Anti-Ragging monitoring Committee members:
1) Mr. Subrahmanya Nayak
2) Ms. Johncy Rodrigues
3) Mr. Roshan B.
4) Ms. Sreelakshmi
5) Ms. Reshma Mary Varghese
6) Mr. Adarsh C. – II Yr. B.Sc. Nsg.(B) Student
7) Ms. Pradipta Kafle – – do –

Dean (Students Welfare) with Mobile Numbers:
1) Prof. Christeena Saju Varkey — 9980835710
2) Prof. Deepa Danieal — 9480732075
3) Mr. Subrahmanya Nayak — 9964677188
4) Mr. Roshan B. — 9916838385
5) Mr. Appu Shetty — 9972596618

Wardens Name with Mobile Number:
Seeco Hostel
Ms. Jayanthi — 8792416134
Ms. Prema — 9743829197
Dongerkeri Hostel
Ms. Anupama — 9481755117
Ms. Thara — 9972158246
Pumpwell Hostel
Ms. Sarojini — 9019919272
Ms. Jayalaxmi — 9632446722
Boys Hostel
Mr. Mahanthesh Hirematte — 9742129209

Police Department — 0824-2220533

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