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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology:

It is not uncommon for us to encounter persons who seem to have difficulty in hearing, speaking certain speech sounds, who seem to stammer or persons who have lost their speaking ability following paralysis/stroke. Such problems are present in about 10% of the general population. Many of these problems cannot be treated with medicines and any improvement depends on the evaluative, therapeutic and rehabilitative actions taken by trained professionals. Speech language pathology and audiology are the professions involved in this noble task. By taking up this field you will join an exclusive group of speech language pathologists and audiologists working in India and abroad.


It is one among the 10 most successful professions in the world
It is the fourth largest group of professionals in demand in India, the USA and other countries
It provides a wide variety of roles within the profession like clinician, teachers or researcher.
It gives access to higher education at a reasonable cost.
It ensures a well paid and respected job
It gives you an opportunity to work any where in the world
It has the recognition and registration from the apex body which is the Rehabilitation Council of India

The Training Programme:

Dr. M.V.Shetty college of Speech and Hearing is the first private sector speech and hearing college in India with an exclusive building and full fledged facilities. Education in this institution will have a high quality assurance and acceptance in India and overseas. The courses offered are BASLP, MASLP and PhD affiliated to Mangalore University. As per Government of India requirements the courses are recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi. The entry in to the masters of speech language pathology is with BASLP.

Dr. M.V. Shetty College of Speech and Hearing: Courses

Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Courses
Dr. M.V.Shetty College of Speech and Hearing is offering the following courses.




The college as the part of the training program has clinical services facility to cater to the needs of persons with Speech and Hearing Disorders. The different services available are :-

i) Screening and early detection for Speech, Language & Hearing disorders.
ii) Diagnostic services for Speech Language and communication disorders.
iii) Audiological diagnostic services
iv) Hearing Aid trial & fitting services
v) Regular, daily or need based Speech Language therapy sessions at its clinics and its extension programs at:

These services are provided at different clinics and centers maintained by the college & the students studying in different courses get an opportunity to deal with the patients directly in these centers which are listed below.

1. Speech and Language Pathology Clinic at the College premises
2. Audiology Clinics at the College premises
3. DISHE a special School for mentally retarded Children managed under the trust.
4. Speech & Hearing Clinic at Govt. Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore
5. Lady Goshen Hospital, Mangalore
6. Highland Hospital, Mangalore
7. St. Agnes Special School Mangalore
8. Sannidhya Special School for the disabled at Mangalore

Services and Recognition:

Everyday about 120 clients avail the clinical facilities provided by the College. The College also conducts Speech and Hearing disorder identification Camps in rural areas to bring awareness among people. Anganavady Screening Programmes to identify small children with Speech Language and Hearing disorders at an early age and to provide them with proper rehabilitation.

In recognition of the services rendered by the College, the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi, an apex body governing the rehabilitation services and training in India has given aCitation of Very Good Performance. Further they have approved and appreciated the good work done by the College in training the Speech and Hearing Professionals and also in the rehabilitation of the Speech and Hearing Disabled.

Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP)

This four year (eight semesters) Credit Based Bachelor Degree Programme which is affiliated to Mangalore University which includes one year’s internship. The training in the first three years (six semesters) is an equal combination of theoretical subjects and hands-on practical training. Upon successful completion a graduate is eligible to:

1. Assess and treat various types of speech, language and hearing disorders.
function as team member of health care teams such as voice care and phono surgery, cochlear implant programs, laryngectemy clinics hearing aid dispensing centres and aphasia rehabilitation centers.

2. Provide communication and soft skills to corporate sector employees.
Provide parent and family counselling.

3. The admissions for BASLP course commence in the month of June of the academic year.

Eligibility for Admission:

A candidate who has passed the two year pre-university examination conducted by the pre-university board of Karnataka or any other examination considered as equivalent there to by Mangalore University with the following subjects combination:

Physics, Biology ,Chemistry and any one of Mathematics/Computer Science/Electronics/Psychology
Duration of the Programme:

duration of the BASLP Programme shall extend over six Semesters of course work (three academic years) plus Two Semesters (one academic year) of internship. Each semester shall consist of 16 weeks of study (excluding the time spent for the conduct of the final examination of each semester).


44 seats per year. Four seats are reserved for NRI/Foreign quota/ Candidates from Andaman and Nicobar,Lakshadwep, North-East and Jammu & Kashmir.

Maximum Period for Completion of the Programme:

The candidate shall complete the programme within 8 years (course work in 6 years) from the date of admission. The term completing the programme means passing all the prescribed examinations of the programme to become eligible for the degree. No candidate shall be permitted to appear for the examination after the prescribed maximum period for completing the course work (6 years) and the programme (8 years).

Medium of Instruction:

Medium of instruction shall be English.

Master of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (MASLP)

– Master in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
The MASLP programme is a post graduate degree programme after BASLP or Equivalents. The MASLP programme of the college, affiliated to Mangalore University, is recognized as Equivalent to MS Speech Pathology/ Audiology programme of any accreditted to University in USA. The admissions for the MASLP course commenses from the month of June in the accademic year.

Eligibilty for Admission:

Pass in BASLP/B.Sc.(Speech & Hearing )/B.Sc.(Speech Language & Hearing) or any other equivalent examination in India or abroad as approved by the Mangalore University.

MASLP is a post graduate programme following the BASLP course spread over two years/four semesters. MASLP graduates in addition to performing their clinical rehabilitative roles will be able to function as Master trainers and researchers. Master trainers are eligible to take up the role of lecturers in colleges offering Speech, Language pathology and Audiology courses and in medical colleges. They are also eligible to apply for and conduct research projects pertaining to core and allied subjects of speech, language and hearing.

In most countries including USA, MASLP is the minimum eligibility qualification to work in schools and hospital setups. Dr. M.V.Shetty college of Speech and Hearing is one of the few institutions in India offering this course.

Mode of Selection for the MASLP Course

candidate are selected for the MASLP course based on the marks obtained in their bachelor degree Audiology and Speech Pathology (BASLP/B.Sc. Speech Language and Hearing) examination provided they have the eligibility.

Duration of Programme:

The duration of the MASLP degree programme is extended over a period of 2 academic years of 4 semesters. Each semester is of 18 weeks duration including instructions.


15 Seats per year + 2 seat under NRI/Foreign quota/ Candidates from Andaman and Nicobar,Lakshadweep, North-East and Jammu & Kashmir.

Maximum Period for Completion of the Programme:

The candidate shall complete the MASLP degree programme within 4 years from the date of admission within this period the candidate should pass in all the prescribed examinations of the programme to become eligible for the degree.

Medium of Instruction:

Medium of instruction shall be English.

Ph.D. Programme in Speech and Hearing

Ph.D. Programme in Speech and Hearing

The Ph.D programme is carried out in the college following the rules and regulations governing the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) of the Mangalore University.

Eligibility for Programme:

1. A candidate who has obtained Master Degree in Speech & Hearing, (M.SH) or MASLP with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate. For SC/ST/Cat-I candidates and physically challenged candidates 50% marks in aggregate are eligible to register for the Ph.D programme.

2. The candidates shall work for Ph.D degree in a subject studied at the Master Degree or related subject under a recognized guide.
1. The candidate shall apply for the Ph.D programme in the prescribed form available at the Mangalore University office after paying the prescribed fee to the University. The availability of application is notified by the University once in a year ordinarily in the month of August/September.
2. The applications duly filled by the candidates shall be forwarded to the Principal of the Dr.M.V.Shetty College of Speech & Hearing which will be sent to the Registrar of Mangalore University.

Procedure for Admission:

Candidates are selected through the Centralized Entrance Test and interview as per the guidelines framed by the Mangalore University from time to time.

Ph.D Registration:

The candidate shall register for the Ph.D. programme either on full time basis or part time basis. Those who are working in other recognized colleges are permitted to register on part time basis provided they produce No Objection Certificate from their employers. A full-time employee working in Dr.V.Shetty College of Speech & Hearing shall be eligible to work on part-time basis only. However, these candidates are required to complete the course work on full time basis.

Course Work:

Candidates having been admitted to Ph.D programme shall be required to undertake course work for a minimum period of one Semester (six months duration) in the college. This course work shall be treated as pre Ph.D preparation and includes course on research methodology including quantitative methods and computer applications. This also includes reviewing of published research work in the field of their work and this course is prescribed by the Board of Studies in Speech & Hearing. The report of course work shall be referred to the Doctoral Committee headed by the Principal of the college and one external member. This committee shall consider the report and if they found suitable the Chairperson of this committee shall communicate the opinion of the committee to the Registrar of Mangalore University.

The course content and syllabi of the course work are as follows:
a) The course work shall be of the following pattern. The course contents/syllabi of papaers 1 to 3 shall be decided by the concerned Board of Studies.
b) Part-time researchers may be allowed to complete the course work in two semesters. They shall take the Papers 1 to 3 in the first semester and paper 4 in the second semester.
c) The candidates are required to undertake the course work for a semester immediately after the enrolment as per the Calender notified by the Registrar.

Evaluation and assessment method:

After completion of course work the candidate shall undertake the Research work which will form part of the Ph.D programme.

A candidate registered on full time basis shall carry out the Research work for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of registration and shall submit the thesis with in the period of 5 years from the date of registration. A candidate registered on part time basis shall work for a period of 4 years and shall submit the thesis with in the period of 6 years from the date of registration.

Pre-Submission Colloquium:

the time of submission of thesis a candidate shall submit an application along with 6 copies of synopsis of the research work carried out through the Principal of the college to the Registrar (Evaluation), Mangalore University for the pre-submission colloquium. The Registrar (Evaluation) shall forward the same to the Doctoral Committee headed by the Principal of the college to arrange the colloquium. The candidate shall appear before the committee and present his research work. He/She shall have published a minimum of 2 research papers(published or accepted) and shall have presented a minimum of 2 research papers at National level seminars on the basis of his/her research work which shall be verified by the Doctoral Committee.

Submission of Thesis:

After getting the permission of Doctoral Committee the candidate shall continue his research work. At the end he/she shall submit 12 hard copies and a soft copy of final synopsis of the thesis through the guide and Principal of the college to the Registrar, Mangalore University. Within 3 months after the submission of final synopsis, the candidate shall submit 4 copies of the thesis along with the prescribed application and the prescribed fee to the Principal of the college. If he fails to submit the thesis with in prescribed period, he/she may be granted additional period of 3 months to submit the thesis on payment of a penal fee.

After registration, every candidate shall submit two half yearly progress report ( one in the month of June and second in the month of December through the guide who shall access the level of progress achieved by the candidate and forward it to the Registrar Evaluation through the head of the Institution. The Registrar Evaluation shall forward their report to the chairperson of the Doctoral Committee.

If a candidate fails to submit two consecutive half yearly progress reports or the progress reports submitted by the candidate are found to be unsatisfactory by the Doctoral Committee, the University may cancel the registration.

Adjudication of the thesis:

The thesis shall be adjudication from the Board of Examiners constituted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The Board of Examiners shall consist of three examiners out of which atleast one shall be from the State/Country for adjudication of the thesis. If all the three examiners recommend the award of Ph.D Degree, the Registrar (Evaluation) shall forward the evaluation reports to the guide, who shall be the chairman of Viva-Voce Committee for conducting a viva-voce examination for the candidate.

Viva-Voce Examination and Award of Ph.D. Degree:

An Viva-Voce Examination for the candidate by the Board consisting of the Board of Chairman of the Viva-Voce Committee , one external examiner and the Principal of the college. After completing the Viva-Voce examination the chairperson of Viva-Voce Committee shall consolidate the recommendations for the award of the Ph.D.Degree.

The recommendation of he examiner and the Viva-Voce report and consolidated report of the chairperson shall be submitted by the Registrar (Evaluation), Mangalore University. Based on these reports provisional notification of award of Ph.D degree be issued with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

After award of the Ph.D Degree the soft copies of Ph.D thesis shall be submitted to the UGC within a period of 30 days.


Dr. M.V. Shetty College of Speech and Hearing:Facilities:


A newly constructed campus is located at Malady courts Panjimogaru, Mangalore. This building is at a distance of 1 km away from the Dr.M.V.Shetty college campus at Panjimogaru. This building has been construced as per the requirements specified by RCI, new Delhi which is an apex body in the field of Rehabilitation.

This new college has three floors providing 6000 sq feets space and is equipped with state-of-art technology. Five dedicated audiological testing rooms with sound proofing and latest equipment, air conditioned speech science lab, air conditioned seminar/conference hall with hundred seat capacity, modern classrooms, amicable therapy halls staff rooms, gardens, play/therapy park and so on make this college most modern. In addition networking of computers to digitalize students, clients and other data, availability of internet facilities for PG & Ph.D scholars highlight the state-of-art technology.

Keeping in view of the fact that all types of students & clients including physically and visually challenged persons need to use the building barrier-free movements has been inbuilt with in the building. For eg. Well constructed ramps were constructed for easy entry into the building, verbal instructions and information in the lift, arrangment of corridor tiles, modified toilets and other features, add to the barrier free nature of the building.

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