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Sarsa College of Arts and Sciences:

The field of Fine Arts:
In the wake of globalization, educational fields encounter challenges in promoting quality education for the youth. These challenges are particularly replete in the education of fine arts. Sarsa College of Arts and Science fully equips the young students to build a strong foundation with the knowledge of performing arts and thus makes way for the propagation and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of India. This course intends to promote and enrich Indian art and culture, not only in India but across the world with global standards. The present youth can be moulded to become the blooming talents of the future and be made self sufficient and confident enough to set-up independently in the field of dance and music education. Sarsa college of Arts and Science offers quality instructions by the highly qualified team of teachers.


Sarsa College of Arts and Science is recognised by the Government of Karnataka and is affiliated to Mangalore University.

We have opted for this particular vocational combination not only with the main intention of inspiring the interest towards the Art and Culture among youth but also providing vocational advantage.

Classical Dance and Music will be brought into the educational mainstream and students from all streams with a classical dance orientation can enrol for this combination.

The PG Diploma Course in Bharathanatyam is one of its king in the country and is a wonderful opportunity for graduates wanting to upgrade their qualifications in Classical dance it is for one year.
Bachelor of Arts – B.A.

The Dr. M.V Shetty Trust has come forward to offer this course as part of their policy to give importance to the humanities stream with vocational slant as the Arts should be valued for their importance in sensitizing and humanizing individuals. Their invaluable contribution towards nation building, by cultured and humanitarian citizens cannot be completed.

A pass in the P.U.C., or equivalent examination and an aptitude for Dance and Music

Medium of Instruction:

P.G.Diploma in Bharathanatyam:

Sarsa College offers 1 year PG diploma in Bharathanatyam to cater to the interest of classical dance loving graduates of any discipline. This diploma is an opportunity for all those graduates who could not pursue Bharathanatyam studies on a full time basis.

Eligibility for Admission:

Graduates of Mangalore University in any discipline or equivalent degree recognized by Mangalore University.


Students studying in different courses offered in the colleges managed by Dr. M.V. Shetty Memorial Trust have been provided with good facilities like Hostels for comfortable living, Transportation to commute from the hostels and clinics to the colleges, Sports and Games for recreation. The other facilities include a canteen, library and the computer centre. All these facilities are listed as follows:

Transportation Facility
Sports and Games Facility
Computer Centre

Hostels Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls except for Dr. M. V. Shetty Institute of Technology. Hostel is compulsory for girls till the completion of their course. Hostel is compulsory for boys in the first year. Altogether there are six hostels maintained by the Trust accommodating about 900 students.

All the hostels have spacious rooms. Each room is attached with a bath and toilet and is occupied by three or two students and each student in a room is provided a cot, table and chair and an Almira. Recreation facilities like television, newspaper, popular magazines and Indoor games are provided in the hostel. First-aid kits and Medical doctors on call are also provided. Laundry facilities are available in all the hostels.

All the hostel inmates are provide with breakfast, lunch and dinner and have the choice of both north and South Indian foods. The Trust takes care to serve the students with hygienic food and to keep the kitchen and the dining halls clean and tidy. The concept of the Trust regarding the hostel is to make the student feel a home away from home.

Rules and Regulations and other conditions of Residence in the Hostels

1.It is compulsory for the girl students to stay in our hostel till the completion of their course and to avail of the Mess facilities

2.It is compulsory for the boy students to stay in our hostel for a minimum period of one year.

3.Hostelites are expected to maintain discipline and strict silence in the Hostel

4.Quarelling, talking loudly, singing loudly using bad and unparliamentary words, dancing and creating a disturbance are strictly prohibited.

5.Hostelites should switch off/on the lights with the permission of the warden/hostel incharge without causing disturbance to co-hostelites.

6.Hostelites are responsible for their own belongings, cash, ornaments, books etc., and the management will not take any responsibility for the loss of anything in the hostel. They should not keep more cash than required by them.

7.When the hostelites go out, they should switch off the lights and fans, close the water taps and lock the room properly. They should not go to other rooms or any where else leaving open the door of their rooms.

8.Rooms should be kept neat and clean, and ready for inspection at any given time.

9.Waste bins should be used.

10.Heaters of any kind or Irons should not be used in the hostel.

(a) Hostelites should not break or damage any of the articles provided for their use and in the event of any damage or loss, the cost would be collected from them. If necessary, hostelites face expulsion from or transfer from the hostel depending on the nature of the infringement of these rules.
(b) Hostelites should not paste stickers on the walls of the rooms.

11.Study time from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.a. to 10.30 .m. must be strictly observed.

12.Hostelites should come back to hostel before 6.00 p.m. except on Saturdays and Sundays when the time is extended to 7.00 p.m.

13.Hostelites are allowed to go out for their personal work on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays with the permission of the warden.

14.Hostelites should sign the register maintained by the warden before going out of the hostel. They should also make entries about their arrival with the time of exit and arrival in the register.

15.Hostelites are forbidden to move around the hostel or from one room to another without proper reasons.

16.Hostelites should not indulge in or encourage or support ragging of any kind.

17.Hostelites should strictly adhere to all orders/instructions issued by the management from time to time.

18.Only incoming phone calls from parents/guardians can be taken by Hostelites

19.Parents should write in the hostel register names of their relatives or local guardian with their contact numbers and address. A sample of their signatures must also be provided

20.Student should pay the establishment charges like electricity charges, water charges replacement of hostel articles/equipment etc. every month according to the accounts maintained under a dividing system when the expenditure exceeds the amount already collected.

21.No deduction will we made in the mess bill if the student does not avail of the mess facility for any day or days except during the vacation.

22.Hostel rent, Mess charges, vehicle maintenance charges etc, prescribed now is tentative and they will be revised depending on the cost of accommodation and commodities.

23.The students are required to submit their applications for hostel accommodation every year with the required DD towards the rent, electricity charges etc, and occupy the hostel room allotted by the management.

24.Allotment of hostel and room is left to the discretion of the management.

25.Hostelites should keep their belongings in one of the rooms allotted by the warden during the period of waiting for internship and should occupy the room allotted by the management when they come for internship.

26.Hostel rent and mess charges should be paid in advance along with the college fees.

27.Hostel rent means accommodation charges only.

28.Articles such as bulbs, tubes, tapes, etc., if worn out of damaged should be replaced by the hostelites.

29.Hostelites will be permitted to go out to attend Church/Temples etc. on Sundays for a duration of 3 hours only.

30.If any of the hostel rules and regulations are infringed by the hostelites and misbehavior is observed, the Principal in Charge of all the hostels is empowered to impose a fine upto Rs. 500/- on such hostelites.

31.The parents of the hostelites are not allowed to stay in the college hostel. However, they may be given guest house on payment subject to availability, and the student will be permitted to stay with them for a maximum of 4 days.

Transportation Facility Dr. M.V.Shetty Memorial Trust maintains a fleet of vehicles including several buses to transport students to their respective study centers and to their respective hostels. The transport facility is also provided to students and the staff of the colleges from different places of Mangalore and surrounding area. The buses are also provided to the students for University related works, fests and for sports and cultural competitions held in different colleges.

Sports and Games FacilityThe Colleges managed by Dr. M.V.Shetty Memorial Trust has a Physical Education Department managed by the Director of Physical Education and provides Sports Facilities like shuttle badminton court, volley ball court and a kabbadi court. Indoor sports facilities for Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess are also provided. A Gymnasium and Conditioning Exercise Unit are provided in the Physical Education Department.

All these facilities are regularly used by the students and staff of the colleges to keep good health and fitness.

The students of the colleges managed by the Trust regularly participate in inter- collegiate tournaments in various sports and games events both within the University area and outside the University and won several prizes.The physical Education Department of the College regularly organizes Inter Collegiate competitions in various sports events and Inter College Tournaments in games events generally in the month of January every year. These competitions and tournaments are recognized by the affiliating Universities and involvement of students from many colleges are encouraged.

Canteen Dr. M.V.Shetty Memorial Trust colleges Campus has a spacious Canteen facility for the benefit of staff and students of the colleges and it is run by an experienced Caterer of repute. The Canteen is having a modern kitchen equipped with facilities for hygienic food preparation.

Vegetarian and non vegetarian foods, soft drinks, ice creams and snacks are provided in the canteen at nominal cost. North Indian and South Indian dishes are also provided in the Canteen for the choice of students.

Library The college Library is spacious and is open to the students and staff of the college, who have library membership cards. Library has reading room with seating facilities in a comfortable ambience and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during working days. Other facilities provided in the library are photocopy facility and information search facility which has been provided at the computer center. The library is equipped with about 6000 volumes of books related to the subjects tought in the different courses run in the colleges. The library also subscribes about 20 national and international journals. It also has about 500 back volumes of the journals.

Computer Centre The Computer Center was started in the year 1994 at the College Campus by the Trust and is named as Dr. M.V.Shetty Trust Computer Center, to impart training programme on basic knowledge on computers and its applications to students, faculty and the administrative staff of the colleges run by the Trust.

The Computer Center has all the relevant software like HELINET Network System, MEDLINE and PUBMED databases, Organization website, MS-Office, Microsoft.NET, Visual Studio, Adobe Premier, Photoshop and different types of Statistical Packages. The Computer Center is being upgraded from time to time to provide the best possible computational infrastructure to the students and staff of the colleges.

The Center has more than 30 computers of which 20 of them are connected to the Network supported through BSNL Broad band connection to provide several services enhancing the academic programmes of both UG and PG students of the Colleges. A 256 Kbps Leased Line from BSNL is used for Internet facility. Some of the services provided by the Computer center are Internet browsing, Email services, digital versions of bibliographic databases, published papers and theses, internet searches on specific subjects. The Computer center also provides software for easy storage of internal marks and generation of certificates etc. The Center also maintains facilities for LCD projections for Journal Club Meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Other Facilities
ATM Facility The ATM of the Corporation Bank is housed in the premises of the building of Dr. M.V.Shetty Trust Colleges at Vidayanagar, Kavoor, Mangalore. This facility can be availed by the student and staff of the colleges.

STD Facility STD facilities provided by the BSNL are made available in the college premises enabling the students to contact their parents.

National Service Scheme Several units have been sanctioned to various colleges managed by Dr. M.V.Shetty Memorial Trust by the Government of Karnataka through the affiliated Universities. This scheme provided an opportunity to the students to participate in the service activities. The college has adopted one of the villages close to the campus under this scheme and students are striving for an all-round development of this village.

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