Ph.D. Programme
1. Preamble
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is also committed to promote research activities, both in basic and applied aspects in various faculties of Health Sciences such as Medical,(pre Clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical subjects)Dental, Pharmacy, Indian System of Medicine including Homoeopathy, Nursing( under National consortium for PhD in Nursing)And other allied Health Sciences in the institutions/colleges affiliated to this University. Inter disciplinary studies for PhD Degree is also promoted
2. Eligibility
  • Candidates who have obtained Master's Degree in the concerned subject under various faculties of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences or a PG degree considered as equivalent by this University are eligible for enrolment for PhD Course in this University.
  • Candidates with the following qualification are eligible for enrolment for PhD course of this University under the following faculties.
  • Candidates with a PG degree in Physiotherapy. i.e. MPT degree awarded by this University or a Master’s degree considered as equivalent by RGUHS are eligible for enrolment for PhD course in Physiotherapy under Medical faculty.
  • (Vide resolution passed by the PhD Registration committee in Medical faculty in its meeting held on 29.06.2004.)
3. Research Guide
In Physiotherapy if, a suitable Guide with PhD/MPT qualification fulfilling all other criteria to become a PhD Guide in the subject of Physiotherapy is not available a, senior Professor  with M D/MS qualification of the  relevant clinical subjects of Medical faculty in Clinical subjects related to Physiotherapy such as Orthopedics, Neurology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine etc may be considered as Guides till recognized Guides in Physiotherapy are available (Vide resolution passed by the PhD Registration committee in Medical faculty in its meeting held on 29.06.2004),provided he/she has fulfilled all the other criteria's to become the PhD Guide. Senior faculty member with D M (Neurology) and (Cardio Vascular Surgery) can be the Guides for PhD in Physiotherapy (Vide resolution if the Academic Council in its meeting held on 24/11/2004).
Change of Guide

Change of Guide may be allowed within a period of less than two years of receiving guidance with the permission of the Guide and approval from the PhD Registration Committee of the University. The condition under which change of guide is allowed is:

a. The Guide has gone abroad or left the University / Institution.
b. When there is a death, illness of the Guide.

In such cases of extraordinary circumstances warranting change of Guide, the Guide/ student should place the facts before the Ph.D Registration Committee for its opinion. The decision of the Syndicate on the recommendations of the PhD Registration Committee shall be final.

4.  Duration of Course
The minimum duration of PhD courses or the said full time PhD students shall be three years from the date of provisional registration However the minimum duration shall be two years for those candidate who posses M .Phil degree. The minimum duration for such part time PhD students shall be five years from the date of provisional registration. However, one-year exemption will be given for candidates with M .Phil qualification. 
5. Enrollment of Ph.D. Courses
Application for enrolment of PhD courses shall be invited bi-annually (twice in a year) on dates to be notified by the university i.e. around the months of April- May& October-November every year. A candidate may apply for admission to PhD to the Registrar, RGUHS in the prescribed application format obtainable from the University following newspaper/website notification on payment of the prescribed fee for application form. Scrutiny and selection of candidates will take place by the end of month of June & December every year. Selected candidates will be granted provisional registration for the PhD course 1st session commencing from 1st August of same year & 2nd session commencing from 1st January of next year. 
6. Procedures for Selection
All applications received by the University on or before the stipulated time and date shall be placed before the PhD Registration Committee of the respective faculty. The Committee shall then examine the applications and after satisfying itself about the eligibility requirements, conduct an interview for the candidates. Every candidate shall make a presentation of his/her PhD protocol along with/without his/her Guide before the PhD Registration Committee. The committee shall then recommend the names of the selected. Candidates to the Vice-Chancellor for provisional registration within three months from the last date notified for the receipt of applications. Provisional registration shall be effective from the date mentioned as the last date for payment of prescribed fees in the concerned specialty for the selected candidates. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. 

The candidates registered for PhD course shall work in the University, PG Departments or P.G. Departments or in any recognized laboratory, hospital, of an affiliated college recognized or such purpose by the University in its jurisdiction.

No candidate shall, without the previous permission of the PhD registration committee join any other course of study or appear for any other examination conducted by the University or –by any other University during the period of registration (Vide notification. ACA/AFF-GEN 2005-06 Dated 24.09.2005)

Permission of the candidate for making use of his research work in the Library such as Digitalization is also obtained at the time of provisional registration.

The selected candidates as well as candidates not selected will be intimated by post separately by the University. In all matters relating to selection, the selection committee can regulate its own procedures and the decision of the University shall be final. The University will not provide any stipend or financial assistance to the selected candidates
7. Pre Ph.D. Examination 

a) The scheme for Pre PhD examination to be conducted by the university shall be as follows

(i) Two written papers each of three hours duration and each carrying maximum of 100 marks.

PAPER l : Research Methodology related to the area of research.
PAPER ll : Specialization Background to the topics of study ( topics related to the specialized subjects) under which the topic/under which area of research is undertaken.

(ii) A Viva-Voce examination carrying a maximum of 100 marks for candidates who have passed the theory examination.

b) The syllabi for both papers for each candidate shall be prescribed by the Guide and should be approved by the subject experts of the PhD Registration Committee. The Syllabi  prescribed by the Guide and approved by Subject experts for the two theory papers of Pre PhD examination, shall be notified and will be communicated to the Registrar(E ) of the University as well as to the candidate and to the concerned guide, at least one months earlier to the examination after they are approved bye the concerned committee.

However, Candidates with M.Phil qualification after a P.G. degree are exempted from appearing for Pre PhD examination. However ,candidates with M.Phil qualification shall defend their Research proposal before an internal and external examiner within 3 months of provisional registration for PhD course. On confirmation only the minimum period of their course shall be declared as two years.

8. Submission of Final Synopsis

All the PhD candidates should submit a final synopsis containing the summary of the research work done to the PhD registration committee before submission of. All PhD candidates before submitting their final synopsis shall present his/her research work before the PhD Registration committee and subject experts on a suitable date fixed by the University and should get approval for writing the final synopsis and thesis.

PUBLICATION OF Research Paper.- All PhD candidates before submitting PhD thesis to the university should have published a minimum of two research papers related to their research topic during course as PhD student before submitting the final Thesis.

Submission of PhD Thesis-
Each candidate for the award of PhD degrees hall submit five copies of his/her thesis not earlier than the prescribed minimum period and not later than the  prescribed maximum period.

9. Results
The candidate shall be declared for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, only on the unanimous recommendation of the members of the board of examiners after the viva-voce examination.

Members of the board of examiners for the viva-voce examination shall report specifically on whether the candidate’s performance in the examination is satisfactory and therefore be considered for the award of PhD Degree or not. In case the examiners are not satisfied with the performance of the candidate in the viva voce examination, the candidates shall be permitted to undergo the viva voce examination for a second time after a period of three months. No candidate shall be permitted to take the viva-voce examination more than two occasions.

After the candidate successfully completes the Viva-Voce Examination, the Chairman shall consolidate the recommendation for the award of the PhD degree based on the following:

a. The report of the examiners who adjudicated the thesis.
b. Evaluation of the candidate’s performance in the viva-voce examination.
The chairman shall then forward the consolidated and the individual reports to the Registrar (Evaluation) of the university.
10 Award of Ph.D. Degree 
Based on the reports of the Board of Examiners, the University shall award the PhD Degree after the recommendations are approved by the Vice-Chancellor/Syndicate. The PhD degree will be awarded in the respective subject of specialization of the respective faculty and shall be designated as a Doctor of Philosophy. A degree under the seal of the University and signed by the Vice-Chancellor will be given to each successful candidate at the next convocation held for conferring degree.