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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
It is not uncommon for us to encounter persons who seem to have difficulty in hearing, speaking certain speech sounds, who seem to stammer or persons who have lost their speaking ability following paralysis/stroke. Such problems are present in about 10% of the general population. Many of these problems cannot be treated with medicines and any improvement depends on the evaluative, therapeutic and rehabilitative actions taken by trained professionals. Speech language pathology and audiology are the professions involved in this noble task. By taking up this field you will join an exclusive group of speech language pathologists and audiologists working in India and abroad.
  • It is one among the  10 most successful professions in the world
  • It is the fourth largest group of professionals in demand in India, the USA and other countries
  • It provides a wide variety of roles within the profession like clinician, teachers or researcher.
  • It gives access to higher education at a reasonable cost.
  • It ensures a well paid and respected job
  • It gives you an  opportunity to work any where in the world
  • It has the recognition and registration from the apex body which is the Rehabilitation Council of India
The Training Programme
Dr. M.V.Shetty college of Speech and Hearing is the  first private sector speech and hearing college in India with an exclusive building and full fledged facilities. Education in this institution will have a high quality assurance and acceptance in India and overseas. The courses offered are BASLP, MASLP and PhD affiliated to Mangalore University. As per Government of India requirements the courses are recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi. The entry in to the masters of speech language pathology is with BASLP.

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College Address
Dr. M.V.Shetty College of Speech & Hearing
Maladi Court
Mangalore 575 013

Tel. Ph. No : 91 824 2427897
91 824 3254314/308
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